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Hello! My name is Cristine and I am very happy you are here at my blog! How to Get Long Eyelashes aims to help the ladies get the eyelashes that they’re yearning for.

If you think having long eyelashes is difficult – think again- we have many secrets to help you lengthen and thicken your eyelashes.

Numerous different brands of eyelash conditioners are available over the counter for growing long and full eyelashes. These products were discovered as a surprising side effect of a common drug used to treat glaucoma in the eye. Glaucoma patients using this prescription eye drop treatment started to notice that their eyelashes were growing longer and longer like weeds. Cosmetics companies quickly jumped on this accidental discovery and started to include this drug as an ingredient in eyelash growth conditioner formulas.

The active ingredient responsible for causing eye lashes to grow longer and faster is Bimatoprost or sometimes Latanoprost. Sometimes analogs of these drugs are used as the secret ingredient in eyelash conditioner formulas. These prostaglandins and prostaglandin analogs are safe to use and have relatively few side effects as long as they are used correctly according to the eyelash growth serum’s instructions.

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